Wood floor sanding is a really popular service nowadays and this is perfect, because why purchase expensive remodelling when you can restore the previous beauty and condition of even the oldest wooden floor? However, every professional flooring company will tell you every floor needs an individual approach and solid wood, engineered wood and parquetry cannot be treated according to one main and working for all situation methodology. In order to have the option for informed choice and realistic expectations, we offer you this rich and helpful wood floor restoration database.

Here are a few words about every service, more information you can find below:

  • Sanding solid wood installations is recommended for newly fitted and older and worn floors in order to smooth out the surface, remove every imperfection and prepare the construction for sealing and staining
  • Sanding an engineered floor is usually considered a tricky task, because the real wood top layer is really thin. You are going to need a really reliable expert with a lot of experience.
  • When we talk about parquet, resurfacing is a laborious task not everyone is prepared to perform flawlessly. Because of the nature of most parquetry patterns, you must count on an only a knowledgeable team with attention to details.
  • Sanding in commercial areas with high-foot traffic must offer not only flawless result and floors, which will draw clients and visitor in, in a welcoming setting, but also a time and money-saving experience.